Meet Our Naturopathic Medical Specialists

Dr. Alexandra Reimann, ND

  Dr. Reimann is a graduate of Bastyr University, located just outside of Seattle Washington. Internationally recognized as a leading institution of naturopathic medicine, Bastyr's fully accredited naturopathic doctor program is renowned for its rigorous curriculum and comprehensive clinical training. Dr. Reimann also completed her undergraduate work at Bastyr, receiving her Bachelor of Science in botanical medicine.  Dr. Reimann is a a founding member of the Nevada Association of Naturopathic Physicians (, a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (  

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Primary Care   -   Holistic Nutrition Counseling   -   Homeopathy   -   Cancer Care   -   Diabetes Management / Reversal   -     Various Hormone Testing   -   Chronic Fatigue   -   Celia / Chrons / IBS / GERD   -   Allergies: Natural SOlutions   -   Adrenal and Thyroid Testing   -   Fibromyalgia   -   Senior Wellness Care   -   Lyme Disease   -   Chronic Disease Management   -   Hypertension / High Blood Pressure   -   Bladder / Kidney Disease   -   Neurological Disorders

Nancy, Phlebotomist

Nancy not only has a gentle touch but immense training in the area of phlebotomy. She has the innate ability to detect when the patient is not comfortable and the discernment as to what should be done to make sure the interaction is as pleasant as possible.

Theresa Tolman, Clinic Director

Theresa is an enthusiastic professional with extensive experience in administrative support and has been working in the medical field for over 20 years. She is passionate about interacting daily with our patients to assist with their questions or concerns. Theresa is also married to an amazing man and has the most precious grandchildren. When she isn't assisting our incredible patients, she enjoys spending her time with family and friends!

Naturopathic Medicine

Primary Care

As a group of Naturopathic Medical Specialists with Naturopathic Doctors on staff, our NDs are extensively trained to diagnose and treat each member of the family while managing many acute and chronic conditions.  We see men and women of all ages: infants, toddlers, children, adults, seniors and families. Our Naturopathic Doctorss also work as a Primary Care Provider (PCP) as well as a Functional / Wellness / Integrative Naturopathic Specialist for those who already have a PCP.  

Naturopathic philosophy and practice emphasizes treating the whole person. We recognize that each patient is more than merely a set of symptoms. Your first visit is up to 90 minutes in length so that ample time can be spent getting to know you and your health goals. The second visit is up to 60 minutes in length as our Naturopathic Medical Specialists review your personalized treatment plan. Your remaining follow up appointments are up to 30 minutes in length. Our Naturopathic Medical Specialists do not use a cookie cutter approach in our practice. We treat patients as the individuals that they are and designs comprehensive treatment plans tailored to their unique needs and capabilities.

Our Naturopathic Medical Specialists combine the wisdom of nature with the tools of modern science and performs wellness exams, diabetes and cardiovascular risk screening and nutritional analysis. Additionally, we are able to order and interpret blood work to monitor thyroid function, anemias, liver and kidney health, inflammation, tumor markers, hormones and much more.

It is our goal to help you maintain good health through convenient access to quality medical care. Whether you need first aid treatment for minor injuries or comprehensive examinations and screenings, we can help you manage your health for a lifetime. Our Naturopathic Medical Specialists have developed relationships with practitioners of other disciplines so that we can refer our patients out confidently if they need services from other specialists. We will work with you to set up a customized health management strategy that is safe, effective and achievable.


By using treatments that minimize the risk of harm, our Naturopathic Medical Specialists help facilitate the body’s ability to restore and maintain health.  To determine the best course of treatment for you we do extensive diagnostic workups to understand the root cause of your condition. Diagnostic workups include but are not limited to a thorough history taking, physical exams, and laboratory tests. For laboratory testing we offer a variety of options from conventional / standard testing as well as Specialty Labs.

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