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Dr. Alexandra Reimann, ND founded Dr. Alex ND & Associates in 2011, bringing quality  Naturopathic Medical care to Nevada. Over the years, the demand for her services has grown exponentially due to patient satisfaction, word of mouth and reputation.  

It is with great pleasure that Dr. Reimann has invited the best and the brightest Naturopathic Specialists to join her in serving the health needs of the people of Nevada.

Dr. Alex, ND and Associates will now be practicing under our new name, Naturopathic Medical Specialists. Our entire team is looking forward to helping you achieve optimal health naturally.

Mission Statment

Our Philosophy  

As a Naturopathic Medical Specialists, our purpose is to aid patients in achieving optimal health.

We will always treat you as a whole person, not merely as a set of symptoms.

The basis of Naturopathic Philosophy is that the body has an innate capacity to heal itself and that by eliminating obstacles to cure, health is the inevitable result.

Our job is to identify where our patient's obstacles are coming from and then guide them as they navigate their way back to health.

Our Practice

Our Naturopathic Doctors are trained and practice as Primary Care Doctors.

All of our Naturopathic Medical Specialists serve as teachers, confidants, counselors and coaches for our patients. 

We consider it our duty to provide a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere in which we can work together.

We will educate you on your treatment options and make every effort to ensure you are equipped for success before you leave our office.

Our Aspirations 

Our hope is to see you looking and feeling better at each visit.

Our goal is to see you living your life to your full potential. 

Our plan is to share all of our tools with you so that you can feel your best every day!

Naturopathic Medical Specialists in Las Vegas

Naturopathic Medicine in Las Vegas

Alternative Medicine in Las Vegas

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We take pride in the excellent care we provide. Our patients' success tells the story. 


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