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Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time
What a great experience having a Meyer's Cocktail administered by Nurse Mary. She was terrific. Very knowledgeable, and experienced.. Very relaxing in a great atmosphere. Everyone is so terrific and positive. A very healthy place to be..

Elisa L.


Steve and I are very pleased with Dr. Alex! She is very thorough and explains everything in detail. Lab work, goals and plans. She was recommended to us by a friend. Best decision we have made. My mom will be going to her as well. I've recommended her to family and friends She got us back on track and we are doing great! Thanks Dr. Alex we love you.

Amy F.


Dr. Alex sees our entire family and we are feeling so much healthier and having so much more energy it is wonderful!!



I've had horrible sinus congestion for YEARS. I saw Dr. Quamina and she took the time to listen to my symptoms, create a treatment plan, and ran additional labs my other doctors hadn't thought of. After only 1 visit my congestion is better than it's ever been. I've already scheduled my daughter and wife to see her. 



I originally brought my mother in to see Dr. Q. after sitting with her I was so impressed I immediately scheduled an appointment for myself and have not been disappointed. She's helping me manage years' worth of conditions, in a supportive, non-judgmental, and effective way. 

Mindy F.


I love the way Dr. Q goes over each test, to make sure I understand the results and reasoning behind her treatment plan. 

Alexander S.


I started seeing Dr. Reimann after suffering with chronic pain for over 12 months. I'd been to several doctors and even a chiropractor, but they only offered temporary relief and medications. It wasn't until Dr. Reimann determined the source of my issue was food allergies and vitamin deficiencies that I was able to feel great again. Thanks to her and the amazing staff at Naturopathic Medical Specialists, I've been pain free for over a year. You must see her, to get you going on your road to recovery!

Cadena L.


Dr. Alex Reimann is a life saver. She is the best doctor I've ever had. She's fixed every possible ailment that I had, NATURALLY! I do not do any conventional drugs, so she is perfect. She knows her stuff. Go to see her, you won't be disappointment.



I have the pleasure of working with this amazing team. My husband and I moved here 3 years ago. I have a chronic medical condition. Before moving here, I was in so much pain day after day. Dr. Alex has went above and beyond to help control this. I feel so much better nowadays. 



"I love Dr. Alex. She helped extend my father's quality of life in 2012, before he passed away in 2016. Now she's helping to extend my life, however all glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you Dr. Alex. p.s. Maiya says hello."



I have been coming to Dr. Alex for over 4 years. She is wonderful!!



"Absolute confidence in Dr. Alex. I highly recommend her and her team. Confident her advice is sound. Looking forward to my improved health! Let’s see what 3 months brings." 



If she says she will get you more information about a topic, she does! She will even explain it in multiple ways so that you can understand. She never talks over your head but will give you as much detailed information as you desire! Best decision of my life! And... I am down 29 lbs since starting with her! If I can do it, you can too! Like she says, you just have to put in the consistent work!"



 "Absolute confidence in Dr. Alex. I highly recommend her and her team. Confident her advice is sound. Looking forward to my improved health! Let’s see what 3 months brings." 


"You are truly amazing, Dr. Alex! My mother is no longer dependent on her high blood pressure medication. The doctor had to keep lowering and lowering her dose. Of course he didn't say it was because of the natural things she has been doing but it was written all over his face. Keep doing you!"



"Dr. Reinman was attentive and thorough. She expressed kindness and concern and I truly appreciated it."



"Best appointment I’ve ever had with a doctor. Alexandria is thorough, attentive and kind."


11/27/17 "This office is amazing.Their professionalism is to be commended."



"I liked the detailed break down of the first visit, it really shows you all care and are willing to hear patients concerns."



"Always nice to see you girls, I missed Theresa this time. Hope she is on the mend!"



"I was more impressed than I was with the first visit, and I was VERY impressed on that one. I highly recommend Dr. Reimann."



"My visit was great. I enjoyed everyone and appreciate the additional help to find a local lab" 


"By far the best doctor and office staff in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas."



"I am very impressed with Dr Alex and felt as if I was visiting with a friend. I appreciate her in-depth knowledge and professionalism, yet down to earth manner. I know that with her help I will live my best life!"



"Time I was very happy from the time I walked in the door until I left. The professionalism, the attention spent on my needs and the confidence that I was able to feel towards Dr. Alex. I look forward to the next visit."

Lynettte R.

"Excellent, I look forward to experiencing your care and expertise in helping me regain and maintain my health and well-being:) Gratefully and most respectfully..."


8/14/17 "True professionals. I called them Family." 


"Amazing! Felt so comfortable here and felt like I was actually going to get some help and heal! Dr. Alex listened to me and addressed every one of my needs. What she couldn't address, she put on hold for a future visit after I've had more diagnostic testing done."   


"Very clean and pretty office. Staff and Dr very kind and helpful. Enjoyed my experience and look forward to more."   


"Always a pleasant visit."  


"True Professionals that make you feel like family."  


"This is the first time I have ever had a practitioner talk to me not at me or down to me when I raise a question. This is also the first time I have been given such detailed written instructions to assist me in getting back to health. Dr. Alex has such a positive attitude and expectation that is just what I needed." 


"My first visit with a Naturopathic Physician and I would like to say it was quite calming & pleasant, and I feel I now have a solid plan to regain my health".  



"Great service and experience!"   


Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time
This one experience gives me hope for the future. I have spent years trying to get someone to listen and help me. 


Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time
Dr. Alexandra Reimann is the best doctor I have seen. She is caring, thorough, and compassionate. She has answered questions that other doctors either ignored or had no answer for me. I am amazed at her knowledge and ability to put information into easy to understand explanations.  


 6/7/17 Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time This is the first time I have ever had a practitioner talk to me not at me or down to me when I raise a question. This is also the first time I have been given such detailed written instructions to assist me in getting back to health. Dr. Alex has such a positive attitude and expectation that is just what I needed.   

Tom R.


"Dr. Alex is the best! 

She got me in for a CT scan the next day when my Urologist told me I had to wait a week. I was told that I need surgery due to a very large Kidney stone and I’m having it removed next week. Just knowing why I was in such pain and now I have a peace of mind and will start feeling better…"

Tammy S.

 "Fantastic Staff, Dr. Alex has really helped me, I always look forward to my appointment’s."


"Appointments "

Making an appointment is very easy; you can do it by phone or by email at your convenience. Usually, you can get the date you want it without hassle. If any earlier opening due to a cancellation, the office will notify me if I want to change my appointment to an earlier date or time. Office always reminds you of upcoming appointment to ensure that you will make the appointment. Cancellation fee will apply if you cannot make the appointment without informing the Office, it’s standard procedure."


"Staff / Personnel"

The staff members are very nice, very friendly. It’s always lifting your spirit when you see them smiling even in the afternoon after hectic schedule. Checking in/checking out no sweat; usually waiting not more than five (5) minutes. Fulfillment of the scheduled appointment. I do not recall if there was any waiting time between the scheduled appointment and the actual appointment. Maybe once; I guess it’s about five (5) minutes and the front desk staff will notify you if there is a delay. That is really professional."


"Doctor’s Service / Care"

Isn’t it very nice and professional that when you are called-in to see the doctor you do not have to wait again, not even five(5) minutes??? The care I have been receiving from Dr. Alexandra has been super. It’s personal care; it is about my need, my health and my situation. She’s dedicated to help you in your own personal situation. She does spend time to listen to you and trying to understand you and your situation. It is not like other provider where after they (not you) talk for 5-10 minutes, and you’re done. She’s trying different ways to help you. She is very friendly."



I am very pleased and blessed to have Dr. Alexandra caring for me. It’s super. Thank you so much! I have been a patient of Dr. Alex's for almost a year now and I cannot believe the change on how good I feel!  Over the last few years, I have spent so much time seeing various  physicians who have told me that everything is normal, when it was obviously not.  From the first visit with Dr. Alex, I felt relief!*

A. Johnson

*An appointment with Dr. Alex is how all medical appointments with physicians should be!  An environment that is calm, a physician that is thorough, explaining your lab and test results, answering all your questions and giving you solutions! And, the office staff could not be more warm and welcoming!  Accommodating, courteous and an overall pleasure to talk to when visiting Dr. Alex's Office. Looking for alternatives to some of your medical issues?  Start with Dr.Alexandra Reimann!"

M. Owens

Dr. Alex,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to figure out what was happening to my husband. He was exhausted all the time. But since he has started coming to you taking the recommended supplements and dietary changes he has become a new person. Gregg’s energy level has greatly improved and is coming back to his former level. I truly appreciate all you have done. It is nice to have my husband back. Before he would sleep when he was not working- now he/we actually do things! Imagine that! As a health care professional I am also taking an interest in what you do. I have found the changes fascinating. Thank you again.'

Susan W.

Because I do not have health insurance I have been looking for a doctor who will look at me holistically, rather than just pieces and parts of me. At age 64, I realize the quality of my life  is very important, along with the ability to keep up with and enjoy my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Dr. Alex was recommended to me by the naturopath my granddaughter  sees in San Diego. My first contact with Dr. Alex was a complimentary "meet and greet". She offers these so potential clients can understand just what she does, and I also suspect to see  what kind of rapport is felt. My actual one and a half hour consultation with her was two days later. While there is a fair amount of initial paperwork, she gathers most of her information  during this consultation with many questions and lots of conversation. She welcomed my husband into the office as well, and listened attentively to his concerns about my health. I will  be going back to see her next week to hear her suggested plan for the issues at hand and long term health care. Dr. Alex is very personable and is passionate about what she does."

Lynaae F.

I was introduced to Dr. Alex recently, as I had a sudden onset condition (shingles) that needed treatment. It couldn't have worked out better for me: after a thorough consultation,  treatment regimen was prescribed. You become actively involved in the healing process, this is not about taking a magic pill. As my condition has improved and I'm almost completely back to good health, I realise I now have a formidable professional on my side when I (or my family!)need medical care or  advice. In part, the treatment solutions consist of very reasonably priced tinctures, and herbs/vitamins. She knows everything a regular MD knows, but a lot more. You will heal faster,  learn more about yourself, and not be subjected to a mere pharmaceutical non-solution. Go in confidence, you'll be glad you did."