Holistic Nutrition

Nutrition made SIMPLE... Nutrition is the centerpiece of addressing health concerns.

Whether you want to increase your energy, prevent/reverse chronic conditions, lose weight, or simply eat better, it is our goal to help you achieve your health related goals.

Carmen has the professional ability to order labs, provide lab interpretations, educate patients about various illnesses and ways to reduce medication dependency. All care plans and lab orders are Naturopathic Physician Approved.

Carmen addresses the whole body not just a set of symptoms. She utilizes blood work, Nail Reading, Skin Reading, Iridology (eye reading) and Traditional Chinese Medicine tools in order to provide individualized treatment plans.


Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. - H.K.

How Can Holistic Nutrition Help You?

  • Do you struggle with figuring out WHAT to eat and need help with Meal Planning?   
  • Curious as to what nutrients you may be deficient in and what foods, supplements / herbs will help?      
  • Do you feel you are an overall healthy person but need help with Health Maintenance?      
  • Is Weight Loss a goal for you? Do you have stubborn fat that just won't go away?
  • Are you tired all the time and want to improve your Energy & Stamina?             
  • Have you ever wanted to do a detox but was concerned about doing it safely and effectively?
  • Do you have issues with your hormones and want to address it naturally?
  • Do you have Food Allergies/Sensitivities or do you want to test for them?
  • Want to decrease your Healing Time Post Surgery or injury?              
  • Do you want to learn how nutrition can decrease your risk of disease recurrence?
  • Interested in preventative measures to combat degenerative diseases? 
  • Do you want to improve your mobility ?   
  • Do you want to ease your anxiety and depression naturally?
  • Are you struggling with Chronic Pain?
  • Do you want to know if Nutrition can help YOUR current health issue?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, our Nutrition Education is right for you! 

What to expect at your nutrition appointment

Initial Appointment

Your first appointment is up to 90 minutes in length. 

  • I will conduct a thorough interview with you to uncover your exercise history, nutritional needs, eating behaviors and possible lifestyle changes. This conversation is a detailed conversation about your "health story" from childhood to now.  
  • I will also gather information to help you identify dietary imbalances or deficiencies with the help of the various blood test results you have completed. Determination of your health and fitness goals.
  • Appointments are designed specifically to meet individual patient needs. Working together with the help of our Naturopathic Medical Specialist(s) will assist you in reaching your goals and monitor your progress.
  • I will provide a specific labs to help with the formulation of a specifically targeted Treatment Plan.
  • This Appointment will allow you to CALM your fears about reclaiming an active role in your health care as well as provide breakthroughs concerning YOUR health and wellness. You will receive email & phone support in order to provide answers concerning the information provided.

Report of Findings

Your second appointment is up to 60 minutes in length. 

  • I will review all labs and provide a lab interpretation. We will discuss realistic steps in how to move forward concerning your health related goals. Please write down any questions prior to your appointment so that we can discuss them at this time at length.
  • As an established patient, you will gain access to unlimited email support and monthly courtesy calls to assist with  problem solving. You will be provided with simplistic strategies that will help you build momentum in accomplishing various goals in your life.

Follow-Up Appointment

Your third and future appointments are up to 30 minutes in length.

  • Continuous support is important in order to address weight loss, lab test results, habits and patterns.
  • Assists with monitoring progress towards YOUR health related Goals.


Carmen is a graduate of Energetic Health Institute, Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing and a Graduate Student at Kingdom College of Natural Health. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Herbalist (AHG), Board Certified Family Herbalist, and Rejuvalyte Health Coach, Carmen Adams specializes in Advanced Clinical Nutrition.  

Carmen has a distinct interest in educating patients about Stroke & Hypertension - Prevention and Recovery, Digestive Wellness & Weight Loss, Diabetes Management, Safe Detoxification Protocols, Kidney Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, and Neurological Disorders including Multiple Sclerosis and PTSD; ALL suggestions given ARE Naturopathic Physician APPROVED! 

Carmen is also the Physician Liaison.

My Story...

After dealing with a diverse amount of various health issues in her own life such as acne, weight gain, depression, anxiety, reproductive issues stemming from the use of birth control, digestive complaints and food allergies, she became her first Patient. Being naturally drawn to holistic solutions, she began to greatly improve the quality of her own life using this approach. As she expanded her own personal experience, over the years, more opportunities presented   themselves so that she could assist those around her who were suffering from different ailments and diseases. 

In September of 2015, a close family member had a stroke. This event turned her life upside down. The knowledge in Cardiovascular Disease, Neurological Disorders, Digestive Wellness, and Kidney Disease has allowed Carmen to effectively communicate with her family members’ doctors and nurses in order to safely introduce a natural approach to healing that is complementary to the modern medical approach. The progress Carmen’s family member has made so far, ranges from reduction in medication dependency, the reversal of the onset of kidney disease, controlled high blood pressure and insulin levels, the ability to move independently while rediscovering a language that was lost due to injuries the brain sustained during the stroke. 


Carmen Adams is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist via The Energetic Health Institute, Registered Herbalist via American Herbalist Guild, Board Certified Family Herbalist through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Florida Hosa Alumni Association, the American Heart Association, and an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She has been in private practice for over 8 years. 

Through independent research, formal education, personal experience and clinical experience, she is able to teach others about natural methods that will bring one’s body back into balance and assist them in the same capacity as a medical professional.

Seeing that she takes her education seriously, Carmen is working to complete her Doctorate of Science in Clinical Nutrition, is taking an additional Board Certification Exam through National Association of Nutrition Professionals in June 2018, and is attending a three week Clinical Fellowship Training in Talavera, Spain in June 2018.  Carmen promises to continuously enroll in various programs, seminars and continuing education courses to expand her ever-growing wealth of knowledge in order to help her patients to the best of her ability. 

Virtual / Phone Appointment Options

First appointments must be done in person for local patients but some follow up appointments and answering quick questions related to recent appointments can be done over the phone and virtual, select Naturopathic Medical Specialists only. Please talk with Our Staff for more information.    

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